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Welcome to The Mental Health Project

The world’s first company dedicated to digital solutions for workplace mental health training – providing affordable and innovative mental health eLearning courses throughout Australia and globally.


We are the world´s first company dedicated to digital solutions for mental health training in the workplace. The Mental Health Project is revolutionising the way that corporate mental health courses are delivered. Based in Perth, we provide Australian and global organisations with a proactive and preventative approach to mental health through evidence based, high impact, innovative, and engaging mental health eLearning courses and support resources.

Our high quality, affordable and time efficient mental health training eLearning courses are specifically designed to help your business:

  • meet its legal and moral health and safety obligations for providing a psychologically safe workplace
  • improve employee wellbeing
  • reduce the stigma associated with mental health in your workplace
  • improve performance

Nothing inspires us more than helping you create a mentally happier and healthier workplace.


Our evidence-based mental health training eLearning courses are written and developed by an expert psychologist, online learning and development experts, and organisational change and leadership specialists. The result? High quality and time efficient mental health courses for your leaders and employees that are both impactful and effective. Cleverly designed, each course can be used:

  • to deliver your mental health and wellbeing learning and development needs (and to replace face-to-face training)
  • for inductions
  • as a refresher (following face-to-face training)
  • for your remote and dispersed mental health or wellbeing training needs

Mental Health Awareness


Increase your leader’s and employee’s awareness and ability to manage mental health effectively and appropriately in the workplace, and help reduce the stigma associated with mental health.
First Aid Courses


Equip the leaders and employees across your organisation with the skills to identify and help a co-worker who is in a mental health crisis. This course is ideal for remote, regional and local employees alike.
Resilience eLearning Courses


Improve your leaders’ and employees’ ability to proactively manage change, daily challenges and stressors in life through building psychological resilience.
Wellbeing eLearning Course


Complement your organisation’s physical wellbeing program with our psychological wellbeing eLearning course focused on creating healthier, happier employees.
Customised eLearning Courses


Customise any eLearning course with your brand, existing policies, translation to your language requirements, or let us design a fully custom built eLearning course for you.

What our clients say….


Highly Engaging and Interactive

No boring eLearning courses here! Our mental health training courses feature interesting content, cool graphics, are highly interactive, and use multimedia such as videos and animations. Our courses are all designed to capture your employee’s attention and keep them engaged for the duration of the course.

Current and Evidence-Based

Geeks at heart, we keep up with all the latest quality research and reports! This means our eLearning courses are relevant and up-to-date with the most current science and workplace health and safety legislation. Our evidence-based courses are written and developed by expert psychologists and learning and development specialists.


Partly or fully customise our courses with your logo, branding, content to include existing processes and initiatives, or translate and localise to your requirements. We can also custom build mental health and wellbeing eLearning courses to meet your organisational learning and cultural change objectives.

SCORM Compliant LMS

Being SCORM compliant our eLearning courses can be hosted on your internal SCORM compliant Learning Management System or hosted on our LMS. Our LMS is very user friendly and includes training for your administrators, premium technical support, and has all the features you need to report, track and manage your training across your organisation, multiple sites or even multiple organisations.
eLearning Course

Responsive Design

Using the latest eLearning tools and technologies means our eLearning courses have a responsive design and work on PCs, Macs, iPads and tablets giving your employees flexibility to complete our courses at work, on site, on the go, or from home.

Multipurpose and Scalable

Cleverly designed, each course can be used as a core corporate training module (to replace face-to-face training), integrated into your inductions, as a refresher (following face-to-face training), or for your remote or dispersed mental health and wellbeing training needs. Suitable for the smallest local, to the largest global organisation, our courses and LMS is fully scalable to meet all your training requirements nationally and internationally.


A comprehensive eToolkit accompanies each mental health eLearning course and contains additional resources such as mental health and wellbeing factsheets, tip sheets, a calendar of activities, posters, and videos and animations to help you refresh and implement the course content into your workplace. Our eToolkits can also be customised, translated and localised to your local requirements.

Easy to Implement & Affordable

Our mental health eLearning courses are a high quality, time efficient and affordable training option. Our dedication to giving you an exceptional customer service experience, combined with our simple 7 step implementation process, training, technical and practical support, means this will be one of the easiest training courses you have ever implemented.


Investing in mental health training makes good business sense:
  • recent analysis suggests an ROI of up to $15 for every $1 spent mental health initiatives
  • as an employer, you meet your legal and moral obligations
  • you increase productivity
  • you reduce absenteeism and worker’s compensation claims
  • you create happier employees


Our mental health eLearning courses are licensed to organisations on a per user basis and are purchased from us directly. All of our courses can be purchased as standard versions or customisations can be applied for an additional fee. Contact us to find out more or view a demonstration. We´d love to help you with your mental health and wellbeing training requirements.

Absolutely – our mental health eLearning courses have specifically been designed to provide organisations with a fully comprehensive cost effective and time efficient alternative to face-to-face mental health training. Recent research has found that eLearning is ideal for mental health education as it provides a confidential and private learning environment on this often sensitive and confronting topic.

All of our eLearning courses are SCORM compliant and can either be hosted on your company´s internal SCORM compliant Learning Management System (LMS) or on our very user friendly corporate LMS platform. Learn more about our LMS.

Yes – our mental health eLearning courses have been designed to assist you to meet your legal responsibilities to provide a psychologically healthy and safe workplace according to relevant legislation. Additional mental health and wellbeing strategies and initiatives should also be considered to apply, complement and extend on the content covered in our mental health eLearning courses.


We would love to hear from you and find out how we can help you with your mental health and wellbeing eLearning requirements. Connect with us via phone or email so we can discuss your needs further and provide you with a no cost initial consultation and course demonstration either at your office or online.

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